"That’s right, honey," she said as she stuck her breast further into my mouth, her voice sounding like she was talking to a baby. "Suck Momma’s tits just like you did when you were a baby and then I’ll suck on your tits and maybe, if you’re a good girl, I’ll lick your pussy while you lick mine."
Okay, yeah, it was a little weird for her to be talking to me in that voice but that was part of her kink and as long as I got to eat her out, I didn’t mind.

Once you get done washing my truck you can jerk off on these.
Oh wow Sis thanks!


Casana Lei.

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It was such a trip knowing that my aunt and I shared the pantyhose fetish to the point that she’d more than happily ruin pair after pair by tearing out the crotch so I could fuck her.

I wondered what Daddy would notice first - the tattoo or the lingerie.
My bet was on the lingerie - after all, I knew I looked damn good in it.

The last few years, the first day of my summer vacation always started the same way.
I’d hear my dad drive off to work then about fifteen minutes later I’d hear my bedroom door open and close and I’d open my eyes just in time to see my naked mother crawling onto the bed wearing nothing but the new necklace I’d given her for her recent birthday.
The nice hairdo and perfect makeup was to make his dad think she was going to go out somewhere instead of staying home all day letting me fuck her over and over. The best thing was that by the time we were done, her hair and makeup were thoroughly messed up and the last hour before Dad came home was spent showering with her and then watching as she made herself up to look just like she did before he left that morning.
I still didn’t know what had made her do it the first time, but I didn’t care at this point. It was “tradition” now, including me giving her a new necklace for her birthday.
Just like the way it was tradition for me to wake up a little earlier on the second day and go downstairs and find her at the sink washing up Dad’s breakfast dishes and lift up her skirt and go at her from behind.


This outfit is very sexy. VERY.

This is the outfit my sister wore for me the first night in our new apartment. We sure didn’t miss having furniture that night (too much), but we did have some nice rug burns the next day.